Letter to Janice Stein, Munk school of global affair regarding two-day conference on Iran, titled “The global Dialogue on future of Iran”

Dear Dr. Stein,

On behalf of our board and members, I am writing to convey our concerns on an issue of critical nature.

On May 10th 2013, the  Honourable John Baird,  Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, ceremoniously opened a two-day conference at University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs to “give voice to the diversity of views that should be heard” on the future of Iran. However, conspicuously absent from the event were experts, academics, political activists, students, bloggers, journalists and members of the Iranian diaspora (including those of the Iranian-Canadian community) whose views on Iran do not fully concur with the positions of the Harper government. Read More Here >>


Letter to The Honorable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, Regarding alleged terrorist plot on the VIA rail and linking the suspects to Iran

It is with grave concern for the reputation and well-being of the Iranian-Canadian community that I am writing this letter.

On April 22nd, following the exposure of an alleged terrorist plot on the VIA rail, the Canadian press was informed that the suspects may have been tied to an

Iranian al-Qaeda group. This information was widely reported by Canadian media outlets before it was confirmed to be valid and accurate. This kind of quick declaration of Iranian involvement by government officials continues to have damaging and irreparable consequences for the Iranian-Canadian community as it further confirms pervasive social misconceptions and stereotypes that paint the Iranian-Canadian community in a negative color. Read More Here >>

ICCC Petition Re: The Canadian Government and the decision of the closure of the Embassies-Tehran-Ottawa

We, the undersigned, deplore and condemn the Canadian government’s abrupt and unjustified decision to unilaterally close all diplomatic channels with Iran, while effectively leaving the path of hostility and military confrontation as the only available option on the table. We deplore the fact that Canada, in spite of its long tradition in multilateral-ism and its unmatched expertise in peaceful conflict resolution, has opted to forgo all its potentials as a peace-broker, to espouse a hawkish policy that is only conducive to escalate international tension and pave the ground for war.  Read More >>

 Iran sanctions ‘putting millions of lives at risk’ – Ban Ki-moon

Millions of lives are at risk in Iran because western economic sanctions are hitting the importing of medicines and hospital equipment, the country’s top medical charity has warned. Read More >>